Fennel is one of the most DELICIOUS and powerful  ingredients you can juice. In our 66 Day Health Mastery Program, Fennel Forever is one of the favorite recipes in the entire program.


~ High in Vitamin C, natural folate, iron, magnesium

~ Fennel has powerful anti-bacterial or anti-fungal properties.

~ Anti-flatulent (helps with gas and bloating)

~ Helpful for sinus congestion, stomach and intestinal distress, hypertension, constipation, diarrhea, and IBS

~ Protective against cardiovascular disease and cancer

~ Anti-Inflammatory: One of the most amazing benefits of fennel is its INCREDIBLE anti-inflammatory power coming from a phytonutrient called anethole that not only slows down inflammation, but has also been shown to be helpful in blocking the mutation of regular cells into cancerous cells.

~ Hormone Regulation: Fennel is also amazing for the regulation of hormones in the body and be very helpful in the relief of PMS.  Fennel has been used for centuries to increase milk production in nursing mothers.

Fennel has both the white "bulb" part and then the fennel fronds which smell of fairly strong licorice. You can juice both, or just the bulb. I tend to juice the bulb and a little bit of the green frond, but too much of it makes the licorice flavor too strong for me. So determine for yourself what you prefer taste-wise.


2 fennel bulbs

2 apples

2 cucumbers, with skin (if organic)

1 head of Romaine (two if small)

Juice, drink and breathe deep!