THE HMI Holistic Dental Health and Recovery Program. Take this Online Class and Immediately Learn:

~ How you can help heal already damaged teeth

~  How to avoid a diet that diminishes structural integrity of the teeth

~ How to remineralize decay

~ How to prevent cavities and gum disease in children

~ How to nutritionally heal gum disease

~ How to avoid painful dental procedures


This program will provide you with the critical information you need in order to HELP heal your own mouth and help your family members avoid future problems. You will discover everything you need to know about:

  •  Mercury, Fluoride and other toxic substances

  •  How to find and select the best Biological Dentists in your area, and exactly what questions to ask them

  •  All of the body/nutrition science you need for a clear factual based understanding of mouth and dental health

  •  The full, researched, evidence based information about root canals and their effect on your health

  •  What substances for fillings, crowns, caps and bridges are absolutely toxic, and which have a much healthier track record

  •  Should you consider mercury removal? It's not appropriate for everyone. Find out who should do it and why.

  •  Safe liver support for mercury removal

  •  How to heal from mercury removal

  •  How to prepare for, and recover from, dental procedures

  •  When to schedule dental appointments, and when to NEVER schedule them


  • The exact strategies you can use immediately to protect your teeth and gums from damage

  • A full nutrition protocol of what foods you need to eat for remineralization and gum health, and those you absolutely want to avoid for protection of your teeth

  • A full protocol of the supplements that are powerful in helping you to remineralize your teeth

  • An understanding of prevention versus healing. Those who are healing and remineralizing teeth and healing decay have a much different food list than those who are in prevention mode, who already have basically healthy teeth

  • What to brush your teeth with for healing decay versus healing inflammation

  • What to use as a mouthwash

  • An incredibly powerful but relatively unknown homeopathic formula for healing your mouth from the inside out




For the first time in 40 years, the number of preschoolers with cavities, even severe tooth decay, rose in the most recent study conducted from 5 years ago. Teeth can be damaged from the inside out as a result of nutritional deficiencies, or from the outside in resulting from poor eating and dental hygiene habits.

The unfortunate reality is that many parents bring their kids to the dentist with serious tooth decay and they are offered toxic and dangerous fluoride treatments, and the money-making "drill and fill" procedures which degrade the structural integrity of the teeth.

Fillings and root canals are recommended even on baby teeth!  

These treatments are not only very expensive, but are not necessary in a majority of cases. Children's teeth will QUICKLY remineralize with dietary intervention.


More and more young children, some as young as preschoolers, are showing up at their dentist with 6 -10 or even more cavities. It doesn’t seem to matter if the child gets regular checkups or whether good tooth brushing habits are followed.



As a result, children are being subjected to multiple fillings or even dangerous root canals in a single visit, requiring general anesthesia, putting the children at extreme risk. Children ARE in danger when they undergo these procedures. If you doubt that, or think it's hyperbole, be sure to check out the ABC news report "Children in Danger at the Dentist" which profiles children like 8 year old Raven Blanco, who died shortly after she visited the dentist.

Raven received what the Virginia Board of Dentistry said was "three times the average range" of sedatives. Critics say there is an "explosion of dentists treating young patients using sedation" fueled in part by the desire to increase profits by treating pediatric patients more quickly and efficiently by sedating them.

The ABC report goes on to discuss: Dylan Stewart, 5, who died after being sedated during what was called a "routine dental appointment" in Florida in 2010; Jennifer Olenick, 17, who died during surgery to remove her wisdom teeth; 22 month old Maddox Cordova who fell unconscious after a treatment for tooth decay; Marissa Kingery, 13, who died after a dentist sedated her with four different drugs during a routine dental procedure; Sherral Magana, a four year old who died after she went under general anesthesia for basic dental work in 2005.

And none of us here in Hawaii can forget 3 year old Finley Boyle, the beautiful little girl who suffered severe and permanent brain damage just last year, and eventually died, after undergoing root canals at her dentist.


No one should ever have to experience anything like that, especially since these procedures were not life saving. And, with proper understanding and education about dental health and nutrition, parents can help prevent decay in their children's mouths, and heal teeth that may already be decayed.  And even though these cases may be a small percentage compared to the number of procedures that don't result in death, for me, one child is too many.

I began sharing my own personal dental protocol with my private clients so that people could be informed and educated, and take proactive steps to protect their children as well as themselves.

Why did my dentist say decayed teeth can't be healed?

You may hear from your dentist that is "impossible" to heal teeth that already have infection and decay, and there is no way to save teeth from root canals that are severely damaged. I've had a number of dentists, as well as dental hygienists tell me "there's no way, it's not possible." Luckily for me, I didn't believe that, which is why I am sitting here today with a tooth that was "unsaveable", that was in fact saved, and neither root canaled or pulled after a severe abcess several years ago.

Can all teeth be saved? Absolutely not. Many factors go into whether a tooth can be saved. However, many teeth CAN be saved with nutrition, supplements and homeopathics, combined with important dental hygiene protocols. And for those that truly cannot be saved, there are many things you can do to prepare for dental work so that you minimize damage to your gums, surrounding teeth, and overall bodily health. And most importantly, to protect yourself from serious disease down the road.

Many holistic, biological dentists have spoken out against the many scams in the dental industry including:

  • Root Canals

  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction (conventional dentists receive a huge percentage of their revenues by scaring patients into"wisdom teeth extraction" which is usually medically unjustified)

  • Fluoride Treatment and it's damaging effects on the brain (in the documentary FIRE WATER: Australia's Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace, dentists like Caree Alexander, in private dental practice for 20 years, and Jennifer Luke, PhD, speak about published studies which have proven that fluoride accumulates in the human pineal gland and lowers melatonin production.)

    Join our online program and learn critical information you need to know about these procedures.


What about X-rays for children?

Dental X-rays, particularly in childhood, have been linked to an increased risk of the most common brain tumor in adulthood. Dr. Elizabeth B. Claus, an epidemiologist at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn., and at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, led a study that found a strong connection between mouth X-rays and tumors called meningiomas.

Even just having the typical once-yearly bitewing X-rays, which expose a small piece of film placed between the teeth to a beam of radiation, raised the risk for meningiomas significantly. Panoramic X-rays that sweep around the head to grab a view of all the teeth -- often to assess the need for braces -- nearly quintupled the risk of developing a meningioma if performed before a child's 10th birthday!

Prevention and Healing

The preventive protocol I've been using on my own children since they were born has prevented them from having cavities, and they are now 15 and 11. They both get twice yearly checkups with an amazing biological dentist, and even he is amazed at the incredible strength and health of their teeth. You can use this exact same nutrition and supplement protocol so your children can have the healthiest possible teeth too.

But what if your children already have decay?

I can tell you that in children who still have their first teeth ("baby teeth"), remineralization of a tooth with nutrition and supplement intervention works. And it works fast. Decayed baby teeth that remineralize from a nutrition intervention will cover themselves at the place up to where the decay has progressed, and thus, the tooth root and pulp will be protected by the hard dentin, the middle tooth layer. With a proper protocol, the black decay will be gone, and the hard texture is evidence that the tooth decay has stopped. Most important is that the inner layer of the tooth, the root, which can get infected and cause pain, is protected.


Teeth are similar to other organ systems in your body in that they require a blood supply, lymphatic, and venous drainage, and nervous innervations. Root canals on the other hand, are dead teeth that become the worst source of chronic bacterial toxicity in your body. Root canaled teeth are septic, infected cesspools with which your body's immune system must CONSTANTLY contend.

Nearly every dentist will tell you that root canals are completely safe, despite the fact that scientists have been warning of its dangers for more than 100 years.

Every day in the United States alone, over 40,000 of these procedures are performed on patients who believe they are safely and permanently fixing their problem. That's more than 25 million root canals performed just in the United States alone!

Root-canaled teeth become silent petri dishes for highly toxic anaerobic bacteria that can make their way into your bloodstream to cause seious medical conditions — many not appearing until many years later. The real problem is that most of these toxic cesspools feel and look fine for many years, which makes it even more difficult to pin them down as the primary source of disease.

Dr. George Meinig, a dentist and leader in teaching people about the dangers of root canals wrote a book called Root Canal Cover Up in which he explained that anaerobic bacteria, which do not require oxygen to survive, thrive in the side canals and excrete toxicity from digesting necrotic tissue that leads to chronic infection.

The blood supply and lymphatics that surround those dead teeth drain this toxicity and allow it to spread throughout your body. This toxicity will invade all organ systems and can lead to diseases including autoimmune diseases, cancers, musculoskeletal diseases, irritable bowel diseases, and depression, to name just a few. Even antibiotics are of no use because the bacteria are actually protected inside of your dead tooth.

Dr. Meinig also found that the longer root canal-treated teeth stay in your body, the more your immune system becomes compromised.

My Own Story

I personally saved one of my own teeth from being root canaled or pulled. I had a tooth that was "drilled and filled" in my 20's, and ended up getting badly infected and abscessed many years later. I went to three different dentists, all of whom told me there was absolutely no way this tooth could survive, and it would have to be root canaled immediately, or pulled within the next 48 hours. I didn't know what the outcome would be, but I did know beyond a shadow of a doubt that there was a zero percent chance I would ever allow a root canal to be done on this tooth. 

The pain from the abscess was so excruciating, it was some of the worst physical pain I had ever felt. I knew I had to figure out how to fix this, but I was in so much pain that pulling the tooth was sounding like the only option. I finally found an amazing biological dentist who I trusted. I wanted his honest opinion on what he was seeing in my mouth, and what in his experience was the true prognosis. I explained my protocol to him in detail. Some of which he was familiar with. In fact, he told me his own wife had been using some similar components on their young daughter and had completely healed a fairly deep cavitation. But, with an adult tooth that has already been compromised due to "drill and fill" my prognosis definitely was not as good as his daughter's.

He was unfamiliar with the homeopathic components of my protocol, and a few of the nutritional ones (he wasn't plant based), but he told me that anything is possible, and that he had seen some incredible healing on teeth like this, but that there was just no way of knowing. He did warn me that I may end up going through excruciating pain again even after the abscess healed. 

I was willing to take that chance. 

He cleaned up the filling for me, completely removing the mercury and replacing it with the safest cutting edge modern fill material available. I put 100% effort into healing my tooth and the surrounding gum. It was a very challenging process in the beginning, because I couldn't chew anything on that tooth.

I used the same protocol I had been using on my children, but added a number of additional supplements and targeted homeopathics to do whatever I could to save this tooth from being pulled. And, it worked. That was several years ago, and in the most recent check-up, I decided to have a digital sensor x-ray, which has a 90% reduction in radiation dosage. I personally do not recommend any type of xray for anyone, unless absolutely critical to health, and the benefits outweigh the risks. In my case, I had to be certain that an infection or some sort of bone or tooth loss was not occurring under the surface of the filling, that could compromise my health down the road. So I underwent my radiation protective protocol before visiting my dentist, and continued with a radiation cleansing protocol afterwards, to give my body the best possible support I could to deal with the radiation.

What is the "Death Spiral"?

The death spiral is a term used in holistic dentistry to explain the destructive dental sequence wherein tooth deterioration is so advanced at the time of detection, and major repair is done with high speed drills. These drills prepare the teeth for filling material in designs that were engineered over 100 years ago! This design requires breaking tooth sidewalls away from each other, all walls eventually collapse with often dire consequences.


Find out in the HMI Dental Recovery Program:

  • What to do if you already have root canaled teeth

  • What to do if your doctor has recommended root canals to you or a family member

  • What are safest alternatives to teeth that cannot be saved by nutritional and supplemental interventions (not all teeth can be saved)

  • How nutrition can help your body handle dental work both before and after