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We can’t find our lost parts by using only our mind. We all have a shared experience of dreams where a key doesn’t fit, or trying to find the right door to open…we are collectively seeking what our spirit knows has long been missing. To return to the complete experience of love that awaits us all, the love from which we arose, we must journey with our hearts and souls to the place where our wholeness resides. ~ Liana Shanti

Today our lives are lacking true balance. Our minds, emotions, career, relationships and bodies are out of sync with one another. We feel this, but we just keep going ahead full speed, until a massive obstacle appears: a troubling health diagnosis, a suddenly failed relationship, an inability to meet all of the demands we place on ourselves, or failed dreams.

When we just feel slightly off base, we may meditate a bit, take a yoga class, do a short cleanse, or a new vision board. But, when life really shakes us and wakes us up, we begin putting out the proverbial fire. We run to the doctor for the latest medication to stop the “pain”, whether physical or emotional. We seek surgery to ease our woes, we undergo therapy with a counselor to help us “sort out” our childhood. But, while we engage in the “symptom management” that our culture has taught us, we lose sight of the entirety of our being.

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Physical, emotional and spiritual diseases are symptomatic of humanity out of balance with ourselves, each other, and our earth. They indicate a humanity that has been out of balance between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine for thousands of years. The ONENESS existing in all life has been forgotten, and the earth is now reflecting that back to us in its degradation, the degradation of wildlife, the desecration of holy and sacred lands, and the utter destruction of the human body. The healing wisdom of ancient cultures and indigenous peoples has been lost to many, and the urgency to integrate our lives is paramount.

Mastery over our mind, body and spirit health happens with an understanding that we live in the 3d world where we have take care of our bodies and stay healthy, and stay grounded, and earn a living. But we must also realize that we are not ONLY the body. Our bodies are housing our spirit, our highest self, our MANA, our life force. And we must pay close attention to signs of spiritual sickness as well as physical. When we become too focused on the material world, obsessing about dieting, our bodies, our outward appearance and worldly “success”, we are slaves to the ego mind.

The ideal state of being is to have lasting joy and peace that comes from within. An inner calm that keeps you balanced regardless of what is going on around us. We have arrived at a place and time in our destiny to integrate mind, body, spirit and our connection to the earth.

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